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If the UK were to enter the EMU at this stage, interest rates would fall and this could cause inflation?"

Current interest rates for the Eurozone are 3.75%.

The interest rate for the whole Eurozone is set by the ECB European Central Bank in Frankfurt. (1)

UK interest rates are currently 5.25% (2)

If the UK were to join the Euro we would have the same interest rate as the Eurozone area. Monetary Union involves a Common Monetary policy - interest rates set by ECB. Therefore interest rates would fall by 1.5%. This would be good news for those with mortgage payments. However if interest rates were to fall by 1.5% it would increase consumer spending and therefore could cause inflation.

Lower interest rates would have a big impact on the UK because we have high levels of debt. It would also have a big impact on the UK housing market. Lower interest rates are likely to increase the housing boom, which is not desirable given the already high levels of high prices.

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