Essay: MRP Theory and determination of wages

" Using marginal productivity theory, examine the view that 'wages are determined not by productivity alone but by the interaction of demand and supply of workers of various skills' "

Edexcel Unit 5a labour Markets.

Marginal Productivity theory states that demand for labour depends upon marginal revenue product (MRP) MRP=MPP * MR.

Basically, demand for labour depends upon the productivity of workers and the price of the goods that the workers are producing.

For example, strawberry pickers will be paid depending upon how many strawberry's they pick. It is easy to measure productivity; the more you produce, the more you will be paid.

However, many other factors determine wages.

  • Supply (inelastic supply = higher wages)
  • Monoposony vs Competitive markets
  • Trades unions / min wages
  • Difficulty of determining MRP of workers
  • Firms non profit maximising
  • part time / full time
  • service sector / private sector.


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