Preparing for Interview at Oxford University

Also, I am in my AS year and I am applying to study PPE at Oxford next year, which I noticed you studied. Do you have any useful advice for preparation for the interview? Thanks.

  • You must have an interest in the subject, this will come through reading outside a strict academic syllabus.
  • You need to be able to talk about issues and express personal opinions. Don't leave it until a week before. This can only be gained over time. Try and find someone interested in topical subjects, or write some ideas down in a blog or something.
  • They won't test you on memorising statistics. I remember before my interview, a schoolmate spent all day "revising the financial times" - He was really disappointed when they asked him to:

"Imagine you have to explain the northern ireland peace process to an alien from outer space."
  • Don't be shy, but don't come across as arrogant or a know it all. At the end of the day they are judging whether you would be a good person to teach. A good student is not just bright and clever, but pleasant to teach.
  • I'll never forget my philosophy inteview. They asked some question about logic. I couldn't do it. Rather than move on to another question, they just stuck with same question for half an hour. - I still couldn't do it 30 mins later. I was convinved they wouldn't let me in. But, thankfully economics and politics were normal interviewers. (by the way i never understood logic and never went to logic classes. I dropped philosophy at end of first year.
  • If they ask you for a philosophical definition of courage you could always try setting fire to their newspaper. see link


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