Simple Ways to Cut Your Bills

It might be surprising how easy it is to cut your bills. Often what we are paying for is unnecessary; using these tips will help to reduce your bills, without effecting your quality of life

Keeping Changing to the Cheapest

With rising gas and electricity prices it is more important than ever to find the cheapest supplier. The best piece of advice is to check different price online at a price comparison site. It is best to do this at least once a year. Most energy companies rely on customer inertia; this means people feel it is too much hassle to switch accounts, therefore they remain on the existing deal. If you take the effort to look around for cheaper deals, you will be rewarded with comparatively cheaper prices. The process is relatively painless - it is definitely worth the effort.

Be Less Reliant on Heating and Air Conditioner.

Whenever I visit America, I am always amazed at how aggressive air conditioning is used. You can go into some buildings and it is really cold. I have to take a jumper to put on when I go inside the building! It is not necessary to have so much air conditioning, to reduce the temperature by such a large amount costs a lot. If you change the temperature you can save money without becoming uncomfortably hot. Also, it is quite extravagant and expensive if you leave the air conditioner on all day, just so it will be not too hot when you arrive.

Keep a checklist of dates for Bill Renewal.

One thing I find difficult is to remember when my bill contracts run out. By keeping a list of dates it makes it easier to prepare in advance for searching for new quotes. As a general rule, I will always recheck any annual insurance / mortgage / contract. Because invariably switching to a new supplier offers a cheaper deal - usually taking advantage of an introductory offer.

Investing in Best Equipment

Sometimes to save money we need to invest money. Making the switch to energy efficient lightbulbs will soon pay for itself. But, look around for the best price, there are often special discounts in certain shops - there prices can vary significantly.

Combined Telephone / Internet accounts.

I was paying £16 a month for my cable TV, on ringing my internet provider (BT) I found that they would give free cable TV because I was already paying for internet. This is a good example of how ringing your existing suppliers often enables you to take advantage of the latest special offers and good deals.

Don't Pay for What You don't use.

Because my car is not particularly valuable, I decided to get only 3rd party insurance. Although this is a risk, I was paying a hefty premium for comprehensive insurance; it didn't seem to offer good value for what I was getting. Similarly, I recently can celled a mobile subscription because there were quite a few months in the year where I never used the phone - pay as you go proved better value in the long term.


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