Books They Wish They Hadn't Written

Enron's code of Ethics. A 64 page booklet last published in 2000. It went bankrupt in 2001, after massive accountancy fraud was uncovered. The few remaining copies of Enron were bought on ebay for up to $200 passing into internet folklore.

The Dow at 36,000. Published in 2000 when the Dow was 11,000. The authors made a claim that the Dow Jones would reach 36,000 'soon'. It is currently languishing at around 8,000 after having the worst year since the Great Depression

Why the Real Estate Boom will not Bust - and how you can profit from it. Published in the US in early 2006. The housing market promptly collapsed and is still falling 3 years later.

Note to self: Be wary of making economic predictions.
  • Anyone for oil prices to rise to $250 by 2010?
Perma Link | By: T Pettinger | Saturday, January 17, 2009
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is hilarious.

Good finds!

January 18, 2009 12:50 AM  

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