10 Worst MP Expense Claims

Apparently the UK, has one of the lowest levels of corruption amongst global nations. I guess in some countries you don’t have to go through the formality of claiming X rated videos through your wives expenses account.

Nevertheless the UK politicians still show that when it comes to claiming expenses they can mix it with the best.

I thought the funniest MP expense claim was

6. Bill Butler’s £1 charity donation

Bill Butler, the Labour MSP for Glasgow Anniesland, who tried to claim back a £1 charity donation that a hotel made on his behalf. He says that the hotel made the charge without his knowledge. It was rejected by the Scottish Parliament authorities.

Since I come from Yorkshire, I won’t say anything about tight Scottishmen

10 most outrageous MPS expense claims at Times

By the way, the cost of Jacqui Smith’s two porn films were £5.

Now with UK public sector debt of over £700bn and the worst recession since the 1930s, I can’t help but feel the column inches devoted to the ‘scandal of porn videos on expenses’ is a good example of – Parkinson’s law of triviality

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