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A Level Economics is often viewed as a more difficult A Level. Whether this is true or not is a matter of debate. But, an Economics A level will certainly be highly valued at any University. Note, if you do take Economics, some universities will prefer you NOT to do Business Studies as well.

I often get asked which is the ‘easiest’ exam board – AQA, OCR or Edexcel. I never know what to answer, except that I think they are pretty much the same. Even if the questions appear more difficult on one board, the important thing is what % of students are given As or Bs. Thus if necessary, the grade boundaries would be reduced to say 55% for an A.

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By on November 12th, 2011

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  1. Hi, I am 15 at the moment at currently doing my GCSE’s. I am considering taking a-level economics along with maths, biology and chemistry. I am yet undecided as to what career i would like to pursue and think that the mentioned choice of subjects would keep my options open.

    Could you tell me the ratio between coursework and exam for Edexcel board please? I cannot seem to find this information.


  2. why is it not preferable to take business studies along with economics? and as i am a commerce student going for my alevels what 3 subjects should i go for?although i have decided on taking math economics arts, along with GP which is necessary- career undecided!

  3. could you please help me. should i take business or ecomomics at A level? i have got an A in business at gcse but im not sure which one to take.

  4. i found this site and it really helps me a lot ,as i am studing in Pakistan doing A level, sir please kindly tell me that if over hand writting is worse and difficult to understand, is examiner will deduct marks or its all about impersion thet he gets

  5. Sdould i take business studies or economics for my a levels?Which will hold mre credit in the university if i want to do BBA?Can i take both?What is the subject combination you suggest me to take if i am pursuing commerce and want to do BBA and MBA?

  6. hi i want economics AS nd A2 level complete notes. cn u plss tell me frm where cn i get it..?? plss rep me soon.. awaiting for ur rep.
    m.wqar marfani..!!

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