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I have used many different economics textbooks, but my preferred textbook has always been Economic by J.Sloman

The benefits of Sloman for A Level Economics are:

  • Comprehensive coverage of material. Good for the student who wants a little more detail.
  • Broken down into manageable sections. I think this is the most important criteria, unless the text is broken down into useful sections, I find students won’t read it.
  • Key terms explained in glossary.
  • Good use of Real Life examples to make Economics Relevant. This is important for an applied subject and helps to make the material more interesting.

The only drawback of Sloman are

  • It is quite expensive at £42.99
  • Some sections are not required for A Level economics, it is important you don’t start worrying about the Keynesian consumption function. However, on the other hand, it is an excellent book to help first year Economics.

Economics by Sloman at Buy Now!

Economics by Sloman at Buy Now!

4 thoughts on “Economics Textbook – John Sloman”

  1. Not sure where to pose this question, so maybe slightly random.
    In an article on the BBC website
    John Sloman quoted this:

    ‘The long run is a misleading guide to current affairs – in the long run we are all dead ‘ JM Keynes

    I thought this was very interesting as it puts forward the idea that we shouldn’t bother to think beyond our own lifetime, our own generation. Which I think is a terrible mistake.
    To keep demanding increases in personal and government spending simply to keep things looking like we have a vital economy is very dangerous. As we all know by now, natural resources are being stripped from this planet in the quest for never-ending economic growth. I understand that ‘sustainability’ is an over-used word, yet does anyone believe that we can continue to consume at the rate that we are, seeking ever-increasing levels of luxury at the expense of future generations’ ability to survive?

  2. Perhaps this is a problem that all are aware of. I have not used the book before, so it is all new to me.
    The Book seems to confuse changes in the price level and inflation. An example will illustrate my point although there are many other places in the book where it occurs.
    In chapter 16.3. Figure 16.14, the analysis clearly implies an increase in aggregate demand (in the Keynesian cross part of the diagram), leads to an increase in price in the Agg Demand/Agg supply part of the diagram. A “once and for all” increase in aggregate demand does not (without another mechanism) lead to inflation.
    I think it is important to distinguish between changes in aggrgate demand that lead to a price increase and changes that lead to inflation (such as an increase in the growth of money supply).

    Its just a suggestion to help.

    Ken Burdett

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  4. Is the 7th Edition better than the 6th? I acquired it recently and I’m having my A-Level exams this year. Is it worthwhile to buy the latest edition?

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