I Hate School

According to Google, one of the most popular web searches in the UK is the phrase “I Hate School”. I wonder why? These days school is supposed to be great fun with lots of interactive learning, personal choice e.t.c.

Admittedly there were time when school was painful and brutal (just read Boy by Roald Dahl – and you get an idea of a very different system of schooling where boys could be flogged for talking during prep. e.t.c)

These Nobel Prize winners were also  rather condescending towards school –Nobel Prize winners attitudes to school

Winston Churchill tell us:

How I hated this school, and what a life of anxiety I lived there for more than two years. I made very little progress in my lessons, and none at all at games. I counted the days and the hours to the end of every term, when I should return home from this hateful servitude and range my soldiers in line of battle on the nursery floor.

Perhaps the most eloquent testament  against school was written by the Nobel Literature prize winner, George Bernard Shaw

. . . and there is, on the whole, nothing on earth intended for innocent people so horrible as a school. To begin with, it is a prison. But it is in some respects more cruel than a prison. In a prison, for instance, you are not forced to read books written by the warders (who of course would not be warders and governors if they could write readable books), and beaten or otherwise tormented if you cannot remember their utterly unmemorable contents. In the prison you are not forced to sit listening to the turnkeys discoursing without charm or interest on subjects that they don’t understand and don’t care about, and are therefore incapable of making you understand or care about. In a prison they may torture your body; but they do not torture your brains; and they protect you against violence and outrage from your fellow-prisoners.

Anyway here are 4 top reasons not to Hate School

  1. It’s better than working in an office 9 to 5.
  2. You get to wear a nice school uniform
  3. School lunches are well known for their exquisite culinary taste and nutrition
  4. You can get to study Economics – The dismal science
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