Coursework for A Level Economics

Hi, I am 15 at the moment at currently doing my GCSE’s. I am considering taking a-level economics along with maths, biology and chemistry. I am yet undecided as to what career i would like to pursue and think that the mentioned choice of subjects would keep my options open.

Could you tell me the ratio between coursework and exam for Edexcel board please? I cannot seem to find this information.

There is no Course work for Edexcel Economics. 🙂

There is an option to do coursework for AQA, but, I’m not sure whether it is in the new syllabus starting next year. The main change for the new syllabus is that students will do 4 exams (2AS and 2A2) instead of 6. I think this is a good change.

Personally, I do not like coursework. Students usually either:

  1. Spend a disproportionate amount of time on coursework
  2. Expect their teacher is going to get them a good grade.

The questions on this blog give an indication of the type of topics involved in A level economics.

By on March 24th, 2008