Unit 5 Edexcel Economics

I want to know what topics to study for unit 5 Edexcel economics? Which are the important ones?

If you are doing unit 5A Labour Markets the most important topics are:

  • Determination of wages
  • Impact of Trades Unions / minimum wages on labour markets
  • Monopsony
  • Flexible Labour Markets
  • Government Intervention in Labour markets
  • Unemployment in labour markets
  • The impact of Ageing population on labour markets
  • Causes of Inequality
  • Policies to deal with inequality
  • Measuring inequality
  • See: essays on Labour Markets

Unit 5B Economic development

See List of Essays on Economic Development

  • Causes of growth
  • Meaning of development
  • Costs of growth
  • Development strategies. agriculture vs Industry
  • External Finance e.g. MNCs and World Bank
  • The merits of Aid
  • Structural adjustment policies
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