Monetary Financial Intermediaries

Monetary financial institutions consists of all financial corporations and quasi-corporations, who are engaged in receiving deposits or substitutes for deposits. They also grant loans or make investments in securities.

MFI’s are essentially banks + other financial institutions which may receive deposits and give loans. MFI’s don’t include Central Bank

Examples of MFI’s

  • Commercial banks, ‘universal’ banks, ‘all-purpose’ banks;
  • Savings banks (including trustee savings banks and savings banks and loan associations);
  • Post office giro institutions, post banks, giro banks;
  • Rural credit banks, agricultural credit banks;
  • Co-operative credit banks, credit unions;
  • Specialised banks (e.g. merchant banks, issuing houses, private banks)
  • Corporations engaged in granting mortgages (including building societies, mortgage banks and mortgage credit institutions);
  • Mutual funds (incl. investment trusts, unit trusts and other collective investment schemes, e.g. undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities-UCITS);
  • Municipal credit institutions.
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