Understanding Real World Economics


This e-book concentrates on macro economics, issues such as economic growth, recessions, the credit crunch, inflation and globalisation. It also takes a look at economic history and also in-depth look at recent economic events such as the European debt crisis, deflation, and levels of government debt.

Updated Sept 2015.

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Understanding Real World economics is an e-book aimed at ordinary people wanting to improve their understand of economics.

The inspiration for this book came from the many questions people have asked about economics over the past few years. This book provides an explanation to the key economic issues and tries to answer the most frequently asked questions about economics.

Understanding Economics includes

1. Frequently asked Questions on economics including:

  • Why do government encourage people to save responsibly and then borrow astronomical sums themselves?
  • Why do we have an inflation target, but no target for reducing unemployment?
  • How come Inflation feels higher than the official figure?
  • Why is it sometimes good to have a fall in the exchange rate, and at other times bad?
  • Why do economists disagree so often?
  • Does labour saving technology cause unemployment?
  • Why doesn’t the government print money to pay off its debt?
  • Can you print money without causing inflation?

2. Main Macro Economic Theories explained

A look at the main economic theories from Monetarism to Keynesianism.

3. Short Economic History

How economic theory fits into the principle strands of UK and global economic history.

Who Will Enjoy Reading this E-book?

The book will be useful for students wishing to get more background to the subject. They will notice many similarities with their own economic syllabus. But, it will also be useful for the ‘non-economist’ who simply wants to understand how economics affects their daily lives.

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