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  • Risks Facing US economy in 2024

    Defying predictions of recession and political turmoil, the US economy has grown noticeably faster than its competitors. Led by fiscal expansion and higher consumer spending, the US economy appears to be the global economic dynamo. Green subsidies led to a boom in construction investment and rising employment. Yet, despite the seemingly impressive GDP statistics, some…

  • Is UK Following Italy’s Economic Decline?

    Around 2000, something remarkable happened to the Italian economy. It stopped growing and went into a 20 year long-decline. Even if you adjust for population, Italy’s performance was strikingly worse than its main competitors. If we look at productivity, Italy fell far behind. It has effectively lost two decades with real wages remaining virtually stagnant.…

  • Is Italy’s Economic Decline Finally Being Reversed?

    Since 2000, there was only one major economy which has seen a fall in real GDP per capita – Italy. In this period, Italy has experienced a shocking fall in productivity, rising debt, and prolonged economic turmoil. We are told the Italian economy is riven by cronyism, falling birth rates, and a regional divide. Yet,…

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The A-level essays I bought from your website are really helpful in improving my writing. Also I’m always interested in the writings on your economics blog, they are clear & concise while able to describe complicated economics theories applied to the real world.” – Ian

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Books by Tejvan Pettinger

Cracking Economics

An easy to read an overview of economics. ‘Cracking Economics’ gives explanations of main topics with images and diagrams to bring economics to life.

The book is aimed at anyone with a general interest in economics but would like a better understanding. Available in hardback at major bookshops and online. Read More

boring Economics without the Boring bits

An Enlightening Guide to the Dismal Science – published by Wellbeck.

It includes topics such as common economic fallacies, middlemen, recycling, debt, finance, trade, money, taxation and why some people get rich and others don’t.

Read more

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