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Dynamic Pricing

Posted on June 12, 2019

Dynamic pricing is a method firms use to constantly adjust the price of goods/services depending on demand. For example, if there is a surge in demand, firms respond to the market data by increasing price. New technology has increased the scope for more variable dynamic pricing, and it is increasingly used by companies, such as …


The cost of free tv licenses for over-75 year olds

Posted on June 11, 2019

Funding free licence fees for over-75s cost the government £608m in 2013-14 – about a fifth of the BBC’s budget. By 2021/22 funding free license fees for the over-75s would cost £745m. Under the new scheme, pensioners receiving pension credit will be eligible for a free license, but the rest of pensioners over 75 will …


Labour market slack

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What does it mean to talk of labour market slack? And how is it measured? Essentially labour market slack is the shortfall between the volume of work desired by workers and the actual volume of work available. Labour market slack also determines the difficulty or ease of employing more workers. When there is labour market …