WJEC AS economics revision guide


  • Specific WJEC / Eduqas AS-level economics revision guide – just £4.50
  • Updated for the new WJEC economics syllabus (first AS exam 2016)
  • Trademark simplicity and clarity of presentation.
  • E-Book (pdf format)
  • Significantly expanded on previous version, with not just required knowledge, but also examples of evaluation for each topic.
  • It comes in pdf format and is sent within a couple of hours after purchase.
  • For schools – See: Network License – AS-level WJEC Economics (£45.00) – Network license allows unlimited use within a single educational establishment.

A-level WJEC revision guide

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Product Information

  • View: 2 page sample AS revision guide
  • 98 pages 19,000 words
  • Specific to WJEC AS economics.
  • WJEC / Eduqas. Eduqas is part of WJEC. Eduqas is the name used in England and Northern Ireland. It is the same content, (though minor changes in context, e.g. WJEC uses examples from Wales.)
  • The revision guide includes detailed notes on all main topics.
  • All relevant diagrams to explain concepts.
  • Suggestions for evaluation that can be used in exam.
  • Only £5.00 for individual license.

Micro economics

  • Scarcity, choice and opportunity cost
  • Opportunity cost
  • Production possibility frontiers (PPF)
  • Possibility frontier and economic growth
  • Specialisation
  • Markets
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Market equilibrium
  • Consumer surplus
  • Producer surplus
  • Elasticity
    • Using knowledge of elasticity
    • The impact of elasticity on tax
    • Income elasticity of demand (YED)
    • Cross elasticity of demand
    • Price elasticity of supply
  • Tax
  • Wage determination
    • National minimum wage
    • Flexible labour markets
    • Impact of net migration on UK labour markets
    • Evaluation of net migration
  • How resources are allocated in a free market
  • Market Failure
    • Externalities and social efficiency
    • Negative externality
    • Positive externality
    • Public good
    • Information gaps
    • Merit good
    • Demerit good
  • Government intervention to correct market failure
    • Tax
    • Subsidy
    • Maximum prices
    • Problem of maximum prices
    • Minimum prices
    • Tradeable pollution permits
    • State provision of public services
    • Advertising / Information
    • Regulation
  • Policies of Welsh government
  • Government failure

Unit  The UK Economy

  • Circular flow of income
    • Injections
    • Withdrawals (W) (leakages)
    • Multiplier effect
  • Aggregate demand
    • Consumer spending (C)
    • Investment
    • Government expenditure (G)
    • Net trade (X-M)
  • Aggregate supply (AS)
  • Equilibrium national income
  • Government macro economic objectives
    • Conflicts between objectives
  • Fiscal policy
    • The National Debt
    • Government spending
    • Taxation
  • Supply side policies
  • Monetary Policy
    • UK monetary policy
    • The role of the central bank
  • Exchange rates
    • Factors that influence exchange rates
    • Appreciation in the exchange rate
    • Evaluation of an appreciation
  • Trade
    • Benefits of free trade
    • Arguments for restricting trade


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