Different Stock Market Indices

The different Stock Market Indexes in the UK

  • FT 30. This is the oldest stock market index in existence. It came into existence in 1935. It is an index of the 30 biggest and most important companies listed on the stock market. It is not size alone that leads to inclusion. A cross section of firms has sought to be included in the index. It started with an index of 100 in 1935. All shares count equally, it is not weighted according to market capitalization. Therefore, it acts as a sensitive barometer to the mood of the market. List of FT 30 Companies
  • FTSE-100. The FT30 has been superseded in importance by the FTSE-100. ‘Financial Times, Stock Exchange top 100 list of companies. With 100 companies it gives a broader picture of the market sentiment. It is used as the ‘headline figure for the UK stock market. The FTSE-100 comprises 82% of market capitalisation. List of Companies in the FTSE-100
  • FTSE 250. An index of the next 250 companies by market capitalization. These 250 companies account for 14% of the total
  • FTSE 350. combination of FTSE100 and FTSE 250. This comprises 96% of total
  • FTSE SmallCap. The smallest 450 companies.
  • FTSE All Share 800 plus companies FTSE 350 + FTSE SmallCap. Accounts for 99% of market capitalization
  • FTSE – Fledgling. Firms less than £350million market capitalization. Every company not included in FTSE All Share
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