Fiscal Challenges Facing Next Government


In the past 15 years, there is a general sense that many public services have been deteriorating. This isn’t just pessimism but backed up by longer waiting lists, crumbling infrastructure, even a record number of potholes. But this fiscal blackhole is likely to get worse before it gets better. The Hidden Financial Black Hole Waiting …

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Economic Record of New Labour 1997-2010


New Labour – The Economic Impact of Blair and BrownWatch this video on YouTube By 2007, New Labour had presided over the longest period of economic growth in the post-war period. It was the goldilocks economy with low inflation, low unemployment and an impressive rise in spending on the NHS and education. But, the devastating …

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Rail Privatisation – Success or Failure?


Rail Privatisation Failure – Why we pay more for TrainsWatch this video on YouTube In the Victorian age, the UK led the world in building railways, it was an invention that changed the world. But, by the 1980s, the state owned British Railways was the butt of jokes, stale sandwiches, declining passengers and closed lines. …

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Why QE Will Cost the Taxpayer?

Under Quantitative Easing, the Central Bank created large quantity of bank reserves and bought bonds. Commercial bnks saw an increase in bank reserves. Initially, this made it cheaper for the UK Treasury to borrow. The Bank of England gained interest on the long-term bonds it bought, and for a time paid no interest on the …

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The Long Recession of 2023-24


It’s official the UK entered into recession last year with GDP falling over a period of six months. However, with only a 0.4% fall in GDP some argue the recession is relatively mild. This is Not a Mild RecessionWatch this video on YouTube But, if we look at real output per capita, the UK economy …

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Has the UK Run Out of Money?

Iss the UK broke? How much can the government borrow? Has the government run out of  money? Firstly, how does the UK compare to other countries? The UK is not alone in running government debt close to 100% of GDP. But, it is still nearly double European countries like Norway and Ireland. But, this graph …

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Is Buy to Let Sector in Decline?


Is Buy to Let Sector in Terminal Decline?Watch this video on YouTube   From the mid 1990s, the buy-to-let sector saw impressive growth. By 2016, 2 million individuals owned a buy to let property. But, recent events have seen a sharp decline in buy-to-let mortgage lending. It is shrinking as a share of the market …

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