Crisis and Delays in UK Public Services


Britain is facing a chronic backlog in many public services. This includes record NHS waiting lists, a shortage of housing, delays in the criminal system, and a surge in unprocessed asylum requests. On top of this, there is a cost of living crisis, falling real wages and the highest level of strikes this century. It …

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Crisis in UK Private Rented Sector – Why Prices likely to rise


In recent years, the UK private rental market has seen a surge in demand, and the average price of renting rising 40%. Yet it is the least favoured form of housing tenure, with many renters paying an increasingly unaffordable share of income on rent. The crisis costs the government £27 billion in housing benefits, leads …

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China’s Economic Crisis


In the past few decades, the Chinese economy has grown at a breakneck speed, allowing living standards to soar with GDP per person growing 500% in the past 21 years. China has become a major force in the global economy with an estimated 20% of global GDP by 2027. Yet, the seemingly unstoppable rise of …

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Indian Economy set to Grow


Over the next few decades, the Indian economy is forecast to become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies – adding an estimated $400bn a year to its GDP. During the twentieth century the Indian economy often struggled to increase living standards, but in the past decade has started to throw off the shackles of colonialism, …

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OBR Predict fall in House prices in 2023


Last Thursday the OBR published a detailed forecast for the UK economy. It made for grim reading – the longest recession for a generation, falling disposable income and real wage growth around 35% less than its pre-crisis trend rate. Amongst the dire economic predictions, the OBR forecast house prices in the UK would fall 9% …

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Good Economic News You Might not have heard about


Recently I have been writing a lot about the economic crisis in the UK and the rest of the world. With inflation, rising interest rates and recession, it can all feel a little depressing. So this blog takes a very different view – looking at some of the unsung success stories of the past few …

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Forecasts for Pound Sterling in 2023 and PPP rates


In September, the Pound plunged to its lowest level on record reaching a low of 1.03 during a day’s trading. The markets were spooked by the government’s unfunded tax cuts and likely £190 bn budget deficit. Investors viewed the Kwarteng/Truss budget as the shortest suicide note in history. Investors sold Sterling and UK bonds, creating …

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