UK Inequality Explained


After a sharp increase in the 1980s, income inequality appears to have slightly improved in recent years. However, this general measure of inequality fails to capture many of the increasing divides across the country. Whilst the income share of the top 1% has grown, the poorest 10% have faced falling living standards in a cost-of-living …

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UK 2024 Recession – Is it Avoidable?


Last week the UK economy slipped into recession. But, was it avoidable? Why are interest rates not coming down when households are facing the greatest squeeze on incomes for a generation? Although inflation is falling it is still above the inflation target, but it is a mistake to prolong a recession, when inflation is expected …

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How Badly is the UK economy Doing?


  The UK is in recession, but the real story is 13 years of stagnant wages. 0% growth in real wages is unprecedented in the post-war period. This period of flatlining growth is leading to higher taxes and fewer public services. It is an unwelcome cycle of low growth, low investment and increasing pessimism. But …

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Does QE Distort Economy and Housing Market


  When we are young, we are taught money doesn’t grow on trees, but that’s not quite true, with QE the Central Bank can create as much money as it likes. And since the financial crisis, the Bank of England created £845 billion pounds. But, where did it end up, who benefitted and how much …

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UK’s Debt Problem


In 2010, the UK hit at a record peace time deficit. The incoming government sought to reduce debt through austerity.   In 2010, the UK hit at a record peace time deficit. The incoming government sought to reduce debt through austerity. But, over the next 13 years, debt to GDP has steadily increased and is …

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Problems in Canada Economy


Canada has an abundance of natural resources. It has the third largest known supplies of oil in the world, helping to make it the 10th largest economy in the world and top 20 GDP per capita. It benefits from close economic ties with the United States, the Commonwealth and has a highly educated workforce. In …

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Housing Market Policy Failures


The UK housing market is in crisis, with prices eight times median incomes. The latest idea to be floated is the return of government-backed 99% mortgages. The logic is that since house prices are out of reach for many, a 99% mortgage would enable more to be able to buy without waiting the 19 years …

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Why The UK economy is heading to Recession but the US is Booming?


Whilst the UK economy slips into recession, The American economy is booming. Latest figures show US growing at nearly 5%, but the UK economy seems stuck in a near perpetual stagnation. (Germany is doing slightly worse. In the past five years, there has been a stark contrast between the US and European economies. But, why …

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