How Bank Failures can destroy the economy


Bank bailouts are back. But, why do governments go to such lengths to save banks who took risks, ignored regulations and made a loss? This title about bank failures destroying the economy is not actually linkbait title. I think it is fair to say, the US bank failures of 1930-33 really did destroy a good …

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Are we heading for another Credit Crunch?


In 2008, the world global banking system went into meltdown after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. It stemmed from a toxic combination of falling house prices, rising interest rates and sub-prime mortgage debt. To relive the 2008 Credit Crunch – see this article on Credit Crunch Explained (which was one of my earlier articles as …

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Problems of UK Housing Market


The UK housing market is something of a national obsession. But, it faces numerous problems High prices (especially affecting younger people) High cost of renting – Shortage of properties Decline in birth rates due to high living costs Concealed households – people having to live with parents Inequality Volatility of prices Homelessness Since the early …

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Why the UK Faces Higher Taxes and Less Public Services


The UK tax burden has increased to the highest level since 1948. In the past three decades, the burden has risen from 28% to 37% of GDP and will continue to rise with the typical household expected to pay an extra £650 a year from April. However, whilst in 1948, the government were setting up …

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10 Brexit Costs on the Economy


Brexit Costs include Food inflation/Food shortages Devaluation of Pound Slower economic growth Fall in tax revenue/less spending Custom Duties and Tax Decline in Trade Fall in Business Investment Labour Shortages Illegal crossing/Small crossings Frictions to travel     In recent weeks, the UK has seen shortages of fresh vegetables. This shortage primarily stems from bad …

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House Prices Forecast to drop in 2023


Last week, the Nationwide reported a sixth consecutive monthly fall in house prices. They are now 6% down on last summer’s peak with buyers able to get an average £14,000 off the asking price. Annual price changes are falling at the fastest rate since 2012. Yet, some analysts wonder if the worst is already over? …

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