Past Exam Papers for AS and A2 Economics

If you are preparing for your A Level exams in June, you should be making use of past papers, and if possible mark schemes as well. Using past exam papers is one of the most effective ways to revise and prepare for an exam. It is the most focused way of working what you know and what you don’t know. Hopefully, you can find a teacher / examiner who is able to give feedback on the work that you do.

AQA Exam Papers

AQA have AS and A2 Papers from the past 3 years, available in pdf form. [AQA Past papers at]

Edexcel Exam Papers

Edexcel have past papers which you can download. Edexcel past papers

OCR Past Papers

Past Papers at OCR [OCR Past papers]



37 thoughts on “Past Exam Papers for AS and A2 Economics”

  1. hi,its really embaressing to say..i hv sit for my alevel for 2 times..but then i fail my econ in both 2 times..i will be resit my paper in 2,i really need help badly..and i need acopy of past papers from2010-1997. thanx

  2. i really need your help sir, pliz help me send me some of the past papers of economics from 2010-1997

  3. Hi Sir, i’m preparing for my exams and i kind of have challenges in Economics which is my major course, please kindly send me past questions through my mail. Thanks very much.

  4. Hi? Am having problem wth economics and ma exam is in week time so am in need of past papers so dat i can revise e’m . Doing grade 11 by de time


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