Brand Loyalty

Definition of Brand loyalty – This occurs when consumers have a strong preference for a particular type of good or brand. It means that the consumer will be willing to make repeat purchases and is much less likely to experiment with other goods.

Examples of Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty occurs with goods that are heavily advertised such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, Persil, Daz etc Consumers often think (perhaps subconsciously) that if the firm spends such a lot of information on goods then they must be worth buying. Why would a firm spend a lot on advertising if it was no good?

Heavily advertised goods create a feeling of security whereas non advertised goods have a lot of uncertainty – they may be better but they may be a lot worse.

Brand loyalty for Apple macs

Not all brand loyalty has to be for heavily advertised goods. Apple spends a small % of turnover on advertising for its products such as Apple macs. Some fashion brands such as …. don’t spend anything on advertising at all. Part of their mystique is the lack of commercialisation.

Brand Loyalty Appeal

The attraction of brand loyalty for consumers is

  • less time having to think what to buy
  • Guaranteed minimum standards
  • Advertising gives assurance firm has strong resources


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