Predictions for the Euro 2009

Readers Question: Buying a new property in Montengro

  • 215,000 Euros’s
    paid 30% at exchange 1.47 to pound August 2007
    20% due in 2-3 months. 43 ,000 euros
    today exchange is bad news approx 1.23 to pound
  • further 30% due around Nov -Dec 2008
    20% on completion around April 2009

1.What are your predictions for the pound euro exchange rate at the time points above. June 08 – April 09?

I would be reluctant to stipulate a figure for the Euro / Pound exchange rate, especially with so much resting on your decision. People do talk of an exchange rate of 1 Euro to £1. This is because:

  • Weakness in UK housing market and UK economy. This could lead to lower interest rates in the UK in the next 12 months. If the UK housing market really collapses as some people fear, the £ will only get weaker.
  • Chance of Euro becoming worlds’ reserve currency instead of dollar. If central banks made the switch to the Euro, it would continue to gain in strength for a long time.

However, it is worth bearing in mind.

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