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You are welcome to ask any questions on Economics. Though you might also like to try google custom search (top right) to see if the topic has been covered before.

I am looking to explain economic principles / ideas/ recent developments in economics. I can’t promise to answer, but will try if it meets the criteria below.

  • Please don’t ask me to do your coursework / assignment e.t.c. (I can usually tell if it is a homework question!)
  • Please don’t ask any maths calculations.
  • The question and answer will be published here where everyone can see it (including your teacher!)
  • I aim to try and simplify economics; as a rough guide I would aim at an understanding similar to a good British A Level student.
  • I am looking to explain economic principles / ideas/ recent developments in economics.
  •  I will answer as a new post, if you leave email address, I’ll usually send quick email. Check home page of blog for new post. With question and answers

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  1. Hi, I’m thinking to merger my companies. We are doing an outdoor furniture. Our clienteles is ( active ) is spread in 10 countries now. We would like to Merger for Asia Pacific market. I still can not see the benefits of the merger as yet. Our company is very small, and we have no showroom facility, but the other company that we would like to approach has 4 showroom. Our capital also very small, however, we have design and style that are still selling for more than 20 years plus. Can you guide me for the benefits of both parties. What will be the different if we take investors ( passive )

  2. discuss the importance of labour economic to labor relation management in particular and the economic in general citing concrete examples to support your answer

  3. The effects of the macroeconomic variables ( exchange rate, interest rate and public debt) have on the individual, the business and the government.

    1. GDP Can be calculated three ways, though the most common which you will probably be referring to is via calculating aggregate demand, which is one measure of GDP, it can be calculated as followed:

      Aggregate Demand (GDP) = Total Consumer Spending + Total Investment by Firms + Total Government Spending + (Total Exports – Total Imports)

      Or: AD = C + I + G + (X-m)

  4. Hi,
    I’m curious to know about the prices volatile.
    1. Though many articles read about the volatility/swing in prices is because of the market forces(Demand and supply factors), would the prices change automatically in the stock market or should there be a regulator?
    2.How do the price fluctuations affect the working capital of an entity?

  5. Hello. I’m a tutor with no background in economics (I’m a Linguistics major from the U.S.). I used your article on regulating monopolies to help a student in high school. It was so great! Not only did I understand the information but I enjoyed learning it. You could use a little editing of your grammar but, as written, it’s not a barrier to your aims.

  6. I’m frm yobe Nigeria.why is it that we have professional economics but are still suffering in the country.,does it mean that they are not expert?

  7. outline the reasons why unemployment may be considered as an economic problem by the government of a country? Please help

  8. Hi,

    I was wondering why trade balance deficit of US with China has increased in spite of protectionism policy by US.


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