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You are welcome to ask any questions on Economics. Though you might also like to try google custom search (top right) to see if the topic has been covered before.

I am looking to explain economic principles / ideas/ recent developments in economics. I can’t promise to answer, but will try if it meets the criteria below.

  • Please don’t ask me to do your coursework / assignment e.t.c. (I can usually tell if it is a homework question!)
  • Please don’t ask any maths calculations.
  • The question and answer will be published here where everyone can see it (including your teacher!)
  • I aim to try and simplify economics; as a rough guide I would aim at an understanding similar to a good British A Level student.
  • I am looking to explain economic principles / ideas/ recent developments in economics.
  •  I will answer as a new post, if you leave email address, I’ll usually send quick email. Check home page of blog for new post. With question and answers

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  1. (1) If saving dropped sharply in the economy, what would likely happen to
    investment? Why?
    (2) Suppose local governments throughout the United States increase their
    tax on business inventories. What would you expect to happen to U.S.
    investment? Why?
    3) If environmental resources were counted as part of the capital stock,
    how would a major forest fire affect net investment?
    these questions has been bugging my mind for some time now can you help please

  2. Do you have any predictions on what might come up for this summer exams for AQA Economics A-level? I am thinking it could possibly be rail nationalisation, energy price caps, and maybe the financial market.

  3. what are the causes of decrease in profit of a dormant partner and active partner in selling and distribution of stones cement?

  4. how in short-run when government’s cuts back spending to balance it’s budget, it likely to cause a recession?

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