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cracking-economics-300 I have published a new book “Cracking Economics” (Cassell Octopus Press) It is an overview of economics, split into easily manageable topics. The book is illustrated throughout with diagrams, graphs and photos to give a visual explanation of the text and economic ideas.

It is aimed at anyone with an interest in economics. Even a beginner in economics should be able to get something from the book. It is also very suitable for A-level students. There is significant overlap with the syllabus but also includes a few topics, not on the A-Level syllabus but useful for gaining a bit of knowledge from the margins of the subject.

The book gives a brief overview of the history and development of economics and includes recent issues, such as the credit crunch, Greek debt crisis, globalisation and trends in labour markets.

It looks quite impressive (even if I do say myself!) I can’t take credit for all the diagrams it was published with the help of several people working on different aspects of the book.

It is part of a series of books “Cracking” economics/maths/physics

I do not sell the book directly from my website, but it is available from all major bookshops including

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