When did the recovery from the 2009 recession occur?

Readers Question: At the time of the Economic collapse 2007/ 2008 or near the end of that period in 2010 the Labour administration had actually started to pull out of recession – True or False?

This shows the sharp fall in real GDP in the UK economy in 2008 and 2009. It was also the slowest recovery on record.

The recovery began towards the end of 2009 (Q4). Q2 growth in 2010 was quite high at 1% (annualised 4%) After the election of May, economic growth petered out towards the end of 2010 and was very weak and patchy in 2011/12.


Source: ONS NPEN

Total UK Business investment fell sharply in 2008-10, but recovered from 2010 Q1.


Unemployment continued to rise until 2011, but unemployment is usually a lagging factor. In fact, unemployment rose at a smaller rate than previous recessions.

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