How much immigration has there been in the UK?

How many migrants have come to the UK in recent years?

Between 1991 and 2021, the ONS estimate

  • 14.64 million immigration
  • 10.36 million emigration
  • 5.55 – Net Migration (average of 177,000)

Between 2002 and 2021 (last 20 years)

  • 12.0 million immigration
  • 7.2 million emigration
  • 4.64 net migration (average of  232,000)

Between 2012 and 2021 (last 10 years)

  • 6.7 million immigration
  • 3.6 million emigration
  • 2.56 net migration (average of  256,000)

Latest data Year ending 2022

  • Net migration was 504,000 (Partly due to Covid rebound)



ONS latest


Net migration 2020-22

ONS produce another recent statistic (International Migration Data)

This shows net migration for the year ending June 2022, was 504,000 – the highest level on record. Of this, it was almost entirely due to non-EU migration. With EU net migration negative, falling 51,000.

Caveat, this partly reflects Covid, where the usual migration flows stopped. So 2022, saw a rebound that is not expected to continue.


Historical Net Migration levels since 1901 estimated-annual-net-migration-1901-2020

Until the 1990s, UK net migration was fairly low. IN the first half of the twentieth century, net migration was negative


Migration and growth in real income migration-uk-real-wages-1968-2021

Reasons for migration reasons-for-migration-into-uk



Data From ONS Tables ons-stats-migration

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