Personal experience of Selling iPad on Ebay

When the iPad came out, I thought great – a small laptop, easy to carry around.

In practise, it is the most disappointing thing I’ve ever bought. In every way, my Macbook laptop is better. The iPad infuriates with useless wordprocessing, very difficult to share files (with an App which has poor security), no access to file system. There is nothing about the iPad that can’t be done better on a proper laptop.

Admittedly, it’s quite good as an iPod player. But, why carry a 9inch screen around, when you can pop a small iPod in your pocket?

To me it’s just like a bulky iPhone.

I don’t surf the internet much, but when I did goto BBC News, I couldn’t play the Sports videos because the iPad didn’t support the Javascript thing.

An interesting experience of being swept up in a wave of commercialism and hype selling.

Of course, I’m probably missing something, as everyone else seems to think they are great. And I hope you’ll still be inspired to put in a bid.

I mention it on this blog, as I don’t often sell things on eBay I have sold only two things. (I usually just give stuff to Charity shops). But, I want to get some of cost back.

The iPad is as good as new and is on sale at Ebay here. It is 16GB version. no 3G

6 thoughts on “Personal experience of Selling iPad on Ebay”

  1. Gaming is better
    Portability is better
    Battery life is way better
    Reading is better, especially on a couch
    Don’t surf the Internet much and dismayed by the lack of file system access? You’re in the minority there.

    For content consumption, the iPad is great.
    For content creation, it’s a work in progress.

    Apple never said it’s the device which fits everybody’s uses for all things.

  2. Ipads certainly are interesting. I agree that they don’t offer flexibility you get by accessing the file system, and true, proper laptops give you more freedom, but the industry is fairly new and with thousands of app developers we will probably see more good uses for them than popping bubble wrap and using as a plum bob.

  3. I don’t use it and I guess I won’t. Agree that it’s just hype and my kids are more into it. It’s something they can show off to their friends.


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