Readers Questions II

You are welcome to ask questions on Economics.

I will post the answer on this blog, for everyone to benefit from.

I shall try to answer the economics question and / or point to other resources but please bear in mind.

  1. The replies will be guidance and not for duplication. Your essays should always be your own work.
  2. My speciality is economics for British A Level standard. My university economics is rusty in parts, because generally I don’t use it in teaching A level economics.
  3. I can’t guarantee to always give full answers it also depends on my time schedule.
  4. The answers will not necessarily be complete. I know several of my essays on this site could be improved.
  5. I will answer as a new post. Check home page of blog for new post. With question and answers
  6. If you leave your email in the comments, I can try and let you know (email will not be published)

I studied PPE at Lady Margaret Hall college, Oxford University, and currently work as an Economics A Level teacher. I have also examined several different economic units for Edexcel AS and A2.

If you find the information useful, you are welcome to buy me a coffee.


143 thoughts on “Readers Questions II”

  1. hello, my question is ‘assess the extent to which developments in information technology, such as the internet are making markets more competitive

  2. hi there i really need help with my eassay ive tried to start it off but still feel im not doing it right

    Discuss the prosition that the UK over reliance on a deregulated banking intusrty is the key factor in the current economic downturn

    Suggest economic policies which could be used to avoid a double dip ressison

    • hi there. I’m doing this question for an essay to and don’t know where to start! have you had any luck. Researching fiscal and monetary policy helps but fo rthe beginning of the question it’s quite dificult to answer…

  3. Hello I’m having problems with my teacher that wants me to write an apa essay but I dont understand what will work for micro economic. He was 1 problem and 3 alternatives and 1 solution. Do you think you can help?

  4. With the aid of clearly labelled diagrams, explain the causes of three types of
    inflation. [10 marks

  5. Can u do an essay plan on these questions
    Explaining house prices (through supply and demand side factors)
    Explaining regional differences in house prices
    Market failure and housing. Is housing a merit good?

  6. Thanks for all your work.q
    Xcan you advise a basic technical outline for a Microeconomics A level answer AQA exam board.

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