Readers Questions II

You are welcome to ask questions on Economics.

I will post the answer on this blog, for everyone to benefit from.

I shall try to answer the economics question and / or point to other resources but please bear in mind.

  1. The replies will be guidance and not for duplication. Your essays should always be your own work.
  2. My speciality is economics for British A Level standard. My university economics is rusty in parts, because generally I don’t use it in teaching A level economics.
  3. I can’t guarantee to always give full answers it also depends on my time schedule.
  4. The answers will not necessarily be complete. I know several of my essays on this site could be improved.
  5. I will answer as a new post. Check home page of blog for new post. With question and answers
  6. If you leave your email in the comments, I can try and let you know (email will not be published)

I studied PPE at Lady Margaret Hall college, Oxford University, and currently work as an Economics A Level teacher. I have also examined several different economic units for Edexcel AS and A2.

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143 thoughts on “Readers Questions II”

  1. i want to ask if wheather the elasticity of supply of manufactured goods is likely to be greater than the elsticity of supply of agriculture goods

  2. i have question can u please reply me
    explain the wheather the government of uk shoild tackle the causes or the symptoms of unemployment.

  3. what is the current african income inequality?

    what policies are there that can be used?

    what method can i use to mesuaure income inquality?

    what causesof income inequality?

    which continent has the largest income inequality?

  4. Hey – i just dont understand : in what ways can a government regulate the markets and its pros. and cons.,
    Can u please help me? Thank you!

  5. list some elastic and inelastic commodities(20 at least)please help me in this i have to submit my economics project on Friday so please reply soon………..

  6. hello
    my name is michael Zhang, i am an A level economics student, i am currently struggle to find an effective method to evaluate essay questions, and this is why i don’t get A star grade. your prompt reply will be appreciated.


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