What is Most Serious Economic Problem Facing the UK 2008?

I asked my Economics students to conduct a questionnaire, asking people in the street various questions about Economics. One Question was:

What do You consider to be the Most Serious economic problem Facing the UK at the moment. These are the most popular responses to far.

  1. House Prices (50% of responses)
  2. Government Debt
  3. Ignorance because of fear
  4. no response
  5. No Problems

What I would consider the most serious Economic Problem:

  1. High levels of consumer debt / bankruptcy
  2. Demographic crisis – Rising retirement levels will worsen government finances and put pressure on pensions.
  3. Housing Market – prospect of house price falls.
  4. High prices for first time buyers – related to shortage of supply
  5. Growing Current Account deficit.

Feel free to add your thoughts about the economic problems facing the UK (or other countries)

4 thoughts on “What is Most Serious Economic Problem Facing the UK 2008?”

  1. The only crisis i can see is, fuel prices,lack of jobs,short of food.

    And they are all we need for a disatorus future.

  2. fuel prices are slightly dropping however do not match the rising costs of living !

    the unemployment also

    the governments decision to be ignorant towards the economic problems and be more concernd and caught up with those in amercia ! unless they act now because of the american problems then we will face things similar to what they have !

    The money for the olympics should be spent on the crisis we face ! and not the games and Browns own self indulgence !

  3. I agree,the money for the olympics should be spent on the crisis, but we should be spending our money, and not saving it, as usual the media has blown this out or proportion, and its getting out of hand!

  4. the most crisis at our economics is poverty, why? bec.most society as you can see are many people they can not study well..most of them there finish are highschool grad. its depend the situition if they can finish or not.

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