Preparing for Economics Interview at Oxford

Readers Question: what do I need for an interview of “Economics and Management” course or PPE course in Oxford ?

I have written one article here with some general advice for preparing for an interview at Oxford

For Economics and Managemanent or PPE. I would suggest the additional pieces of information

1. Read Outside Syllabus

Make sure you have read, at least, a couple of economics books which go beyond the A Level syllabus. This might be the popular Freakonomics, or something by Paul Krugman . There is no guarantee that they will ask you about what you have been reading. But, If you can’t point to any outside reading it will look bad.

2. Be Confident to Express Opinions.

If you were asked should the UK join the EURO, make sure you would be able to offer some convincing arguments one way or the other. At the same time, try to give the impression, you are aware things are not black and white.

3. Practise speaking / arrange an interview with someone.

In an interview you want to:

  • Avoid excessive hesitation
  • Answer the questions they ask
  • Be confident but not arrogant.
  • Appear interested in the topic
  • Look well presented

Don’t worry about being a bit nervous, but, it makes a big difference to have a mock interview, making it as realistic as possible.

Don’t panic if they ask really awkward questions

P.S. It is not necessary to revise a full range of economic statistics found in the back of the economist 🙂

Possible Questions

  • Why is Money such an important part of society?
  • What advice would you give to the chancellor of the Exchequer?
  • Which economist has made the greatest contribution and why?
  • Who should run the economy – Economists or politicians?
  • Where is the middle of nowhere?
  • Is it really possible to be bored to death?
  • What is your favourite colour? and discuss its philosophical significance.
  • If parking on yellow lines was punished by execution, nobody would do it, therefore it would be a good law. Discuss?

Of course, it is very difficult to predict questions. They can really depend on the mood of the examiner, but, this might give a flavour. Good Luck 🙂

PPE interview tips

By: Tejvan R. Pettinger

Tejvan studied PPE at Lady Margaret Hall. He now teaches Economics at a sixth form college in Oxford

He didn’t say anything in his philosophy interview about from ‘erm’ and ‘ I don’t know’ but he was still admitted.


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  1. I am applying for engineer, economics and management in oxford, what kind of question do they ask frequently.
    comments from Singapore

  2. I am doing some sort of research before the interview in Oxford. Do you know any resources where I can find out about the pros and cons if the UK join the EU?

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  4. hi, ive got an interview for e&m in 3 days i was wondering if revising my AS material would in anyway help in the interview

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