Excuses for Not Doing Homework

My students are generally pretty un-inventive when it comes to excuses for not doing homework. Popular excuses include:

  • “I was doing business studies / geography / history  coursework”
  • “I had football practice”
  • “I couldn’t be bothered”
  • “I forgot”
  • “You mean, I was given homework?”

I have heard a few good ones though

  • I was driving down the motorway in my dad’s open top convertible and the air draft just blew it away
  • It got washed away in the Tsunami.(2004)

According to the Independent the top reasons for not doing homework are increasingly tech related

The top five most popular tech-related reasons for not doing homework are:

  • My computer crashed and I lost it;
  • I finished my homework but then I deleted it by accident;
  • I could not print it out;
  • My internet was down so I could not do any research;
  • I lost my laptop.

Teachers revealed other tech-related excuses including:

:: My dad’s computer was hacked by the Russians and they stole my homework;

:: A burglar stole my printed-out homework along with the computer;

:: The PC exploded when our dog went to the toilet on it;

:: I accidentally tipped a bottle of cider over the computer and it broke.

Pupils excuses at Independent

Funny excuses from parents

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  1. these r ok ones but rnt the best ever i could have seen better, espeshilly wen at times i forget bout mi homework

  2. well it doesnt have to be used, its just for comical use and away to make u laugh it doesnt mean u have to use them, if u do then u sure are lazy for not doing it! 🙁

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