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On this website, Economics Help, there are many economic essays and resources which you can read to gain an increased knowledge of economics.

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What is Economics?


is the study of how society decides:

  • ¨ What
  • ¨ For whom
  • ¨ How to produce…

Example: The price of oil

An increase in the price of oil affects

¨ What to produce
¨ less oil-intensive products
¨ How to produce
¨ less oil-intensive techniques
¨ For whom to produce
¨ oil producers have more buying power, importers have less

Scarcity forces choices to be made

Opportunity cost

¨ a crucial concept in economic analysis
¨ the quantity of other goods that must be sacrificed to obtain another unit of a good

The operation of markets

¨ Market
¨ a shorthand expression for the process by which
¨ households’ decisions about consumption of alternative goods
¨ firms’ decisions about what and how to produce
¨ and workers’ decisions about how much and for whom to work
¨ are all reconciled by adjustment of prices

Resource allocation

¨ Resource allocation is crucial for a society
¨ and is handled in different ways in different societies, e.g.:
¨ Command economy
¨ Mixed economy
¨ Free market

Normative and Positive Economics

Positive economics deals with objective explanation
¨ e.g. if a tax is imposed on a good its price will tend to rise

Normative economics offers prescriptions based on value judgements
¨ e.g. a tax SHOULD be imposed on tobacco to discourage smoking

Micro and Macro

¨ offers a detailed treatment of individual economic decisions about particular commodities

¨ emphasizes the interactions in the economy as a whole

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