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Threats to UK economy

Posted on October 8, 2015

The UK economy is showing signs of economic recovery. Positive economic growth, falling unemployment, and after a long gap – rising real wages. However, despite positive economic growth, there are many potential threats that could derail the economy and lead to a period of prolonged weak growth or even future recession. Some of the main …


UK Labour Productivity

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Labour productivity measures the output per worker in a period of time. Labour productivity is an important factor in determining the productive potential of the economy. Countries with strong labour productivity growth tend to benefit from high rates of growth, strong export demand and low inflation. Increased labour productivity can enable a higher long run …


Savings ratio UK

Posted on October 7, 2015

Definition of Household savings ratio: The percentage of disposable income that is saved. (1) Total savings = Disposable income – Household consumption UK Saving Ratio Latest UK household savings ratio: Q2 2015 = 4.7% UK Saving ratio. Source: National income accounts Q4 ONS