Risks Facing US economy in 2024


Defying predictions of recession and political turmoil, the US economy has grown noticeably faster than its competitors. Led by fiscal expansion and higher consumer spending, the US economy appears to be the global economic dynamo. Green subsidies led to a boom in construction investment and rising employment. Yet, despite the seemingly impressive GDP statistics, some …

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Is UK Following Italy’s Economic Decline?


Around 2000, something remarkable happened to the Italian economy. It stopped growing and went into a 20 year long-decline. Even if you adjust for population, Italy’s performance was strikingly worse than its main competitors. If we look at productivity, Italy fell far behind. It has effectively lost two decades with real wages remaining virtually stagnant. …

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Is the European Economy is Doing Better than the UK?


The British Wage Disaster – Why Wages Lower than EUWatch this video on YouTube Compared to many major European economies, UK average wages are lower and this is before we take into account relatively higher housing costs and longer working hours for British workers.  In the past 15 years, the UK has seen pretty much …

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Conservative Economic Record 2010-2014


In May 2010, the Conservative coalition entered government against a backdrop of the great financial crisis, which had sent the pound tumbling, a deep recession and record government deficits. Cameron and Osborne blamed the crisis on high debt and wasted no time in imposing austerity measures on the economy. Yet, 14 years after the start …

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Why Russian Economy Did Better Than Expected


Why The Russian Economy Defied Predictions of CollapseWatch this video on YouTube Following the invasion of Ukraine in March 2022, the Western powers introduced unprecedented levels of sanctions, freezing $300bn of Russian assets, the Ruble collapsed, inflation rose, and the Russian economy headed into recession. It seemed the perfect storm to create deep economic problems. …

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Fiscal Challenges Facing Next Government


In the past 15 years, there is a general sense that many public services have been deteriorating. This isn’t just pessimism but backed up by longer waiting lists, crumbling infrastructure, even a record number of potholes. But this fiscal blackhole is likely to get worse before it gets better. The Hidden Financial Black Hole Waiting …

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Economic Record of New Labour 1997-2010


New Labour – The Economic Impact of Blair and BrownWatch this video on YouTube By 2007, New Labour had presided over the longest period of economic growth in the post-war period. It was the goldilocks economy with low inflation, low unemployment and an impressive rise in spending on the NHS and education. But, the devastating …

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