The Long Recession of 2023-24


It’s official the UK entered into recession last year with GDP falling over a period of six months. However, with only a 0.4% fall in GDP some argue the recession is relatively mild. This is Not a Mild RecessionWatch this video on YouTube But, if we look at real output per capita, the UK economy …

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Has the UK Run Out of Money?

Iss the UK broke? How much can the government borrow? Has the government run out of  money? Firstly, how does the UK compare to other countries? The UK is not alone in running government debt close to 100% of GDP. But, it is still nearly double European countries like Norway and Ireland. But, this graph …

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Is Buy to Let Sector in Decline?


Is Buy to Let Sector in Terminal Decline?Watch this video on YouTube   From the mid 1990s, the buy-to-let sector saw impressive growth. By 2016, 2 million individuals owned a buy to let property. But, recent events have seen a sharp decline in buy-to-let mortgage lending. It is shrinking as a share of the market …

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Is there a hope for UK? And Other Reader Questions


Is There Any Hope For The UK economy? – And Other QuestionsWatch this video on YouTube Q. Is there hope for the UK economy? There is hope for the UK, despite very poor past 15 years, it is still a moderately wealthy country, with reasonably basic economic institutions. We are not in the same league …

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Should We Worry about China’s Economic Crisis?


For three decades, the Chinese economy boomed, transforming itself into the world manufacturing hub. Up to 70% of suppliers on Amazon rely on Chinese supply chains. Buy any electric good and it’s likely to say ‘Made in China’. But, the Chinese economy is in crisis. A property collapse has seen prices fall and flats remain …

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Why Americans Think the Economy is Rigged Against Them


The US is one of the richest economies in the world – with the 7th highest real GDP per capita. Not only that but the economy is booming with much higher rates of economic growth than elsewhere. However, in the real world, there is a disconnect, despite the undoubted wealth of America, many Americans feel …

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The UK’s Self-Inflicted Economic Decline


Since the financial crisis of 2009, the UK economy has experienced a real decline in economic fortunes. Last month, we entered a recession, but real GDP per capita has been stagnating for a decade. This poor economic performance is creating its own spiral of problems-  rising debt, low investment and creaking public services. Recent budgets …

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UK Inequality Explained


After a sharp increase in the 1980s, income inequality appears to have slightly improved in recent years. However, this general measure of inequality fails to capture many of the increasing divides across the country. Whilst the income share of the top 1% has grown, the poorest 10% have faced falling living standards in a cost-of-living …

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