China’s Property Collapse Explained

China is facing a real property collapse with up to 65 million surplus homes, plummeting demand, falling prices and big property developers drowning under a mountain of debt. In the past few decades, the property sector has been a key factor in the Chinese economic miracle but as the boom turns to bust, what will …

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Why UK Taxes are Rising


  The UK tax burden is rising to the highest level since the Second World War. The IFS stated it will be a record-breaking parliament for tax rises. The only chancellor to actually cut taxes was Kwasi Kwarteng, whose bold, unfunded tax cuts, led to higher bond yields and a fall in sterling. But, if …

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How Overvalued are UK House Prices?


UK house prices are overvalued, which is why prices have started falling in most regions across the country. But, the big question is how far do prices need to fall? And where are prices most overvalued?   In the aftermath of the 1990s recession, UK house prices to income ratios were less than 3, but …

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Economics Threats to the EU

A majority of Europeans fear the EU could break up in the next 10 to 20 years. This is despite support for EU membership increasing in recent years. So why is there concern the world’s most successful regional block could split apart? Brexit was a real shock for the European establishment, the seemingly unthinkable happened. …

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UK vs Irish Economy – Why is Ireland Growing Faster?

How The Irish Economy Overtaken Brexit Britain? In the post-war period the Republic of Ireland, stood in the shadow of its richer neighbour, with average incomes nearly three times less than the UK. Yet, over the next few decades, the Irish economy was transformed and by the early 2000s, had overtaken UK GDP per capita. …

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Recession or Inflation – Which is the biggest threat to UK economy?

Earlier in the year the UK had record-breaking inflation with both headline and core inflation remaining well above the government’s target and being worse than forecast. As bad news on inflation kept coming the Bank of England increased interest rates 14 times. Finally, in a narrow vote, the Bank paused to halt rate rises. But, …

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Why Do Americans Feel Poor, When America Is So Rich?

America is the biggest economy in the world, it is also one of the richest with average GDP per capita of around $80,000. The richest three American billionaires own more wealth than the poorest 70 countries combined. In the post-war period, US GDP increased by 900% leading to unprecedented levels of income. But, there is …

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Examples and Types of Protectionism


A list of some modern-day protectionist measures, including tariffs, domestic subsidies to exporters, and non-tariff barriers which restrict imports. Types of Protectionism Tariffs  – This is a tax on imports. Quotas – This is a physical limit on the quantity of imports Embargoes – This is a total ban on a good, this may be …

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