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  2. My speciality is economics for British A Level standard. My university economics is rusty in parts, because generally I don’t use it in teaching A level economics.
  3. I can’t guarantee to always give answers it also depends on my time schedule.
  4. The aim is not to do people’s homework for them, but, help in the understanding of economic concepts.
  5. The answers will not necessarily be complete. I know several of my essays on this site could be improved.
  6. Please Write the Questions clearly and with proper spelling. Some questions I have not answered because they were not clear what was meant.
  7. I will answer as a new post. Check home page of blog for new post. With question and answers

I studied PPE at Lady Margaret Hall college, Oxford University, and currently work as an Economics A Level teacher. I have also examined several different economic units for Edexcel AS and A2.

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  1. i have a qsn… discuss the effectiveness of policies the government may take when redistributing income and wealth in a country

  2. A firm demand curve for factor of production is equivalent to the marginal revenue product curve of the factor. Would you please relate it with the marginal efficiency of capital ? Help me.

  3. This is Fahim from Afghanistan economic students , this website is brilliant and excellent for learning, please continuing the posting topic about economic field


  4. Two identical countries, Country A and Country B, can each be described by a Keynesian-cross model. The MPC is 0.9 in each country. Country A decides to increase spending by $2 billion, while Country B decides to cut taxes by $2 billion. In which country will the new equilibrium level of income be greater? Show all your work.

  5. Hi

    Just wondering on this problem:

    A large company dealing in pharmaceutical products estimates that the demand function for its medicine is P = 60 – 5Q and is currently selling the medicine at $40 per unit.
    How to calculate the price elasticity of demand at this price and at which price does the company maximise its revenue?

    Thank you and coffee on me!

  6. Are UK interest rates likely to increase in the next two years ?
    Some say yes, my investment analyst / advisor says no (“because the Uk is largely living on credit and the government and bank of England do not want a repeat of 2008”)

  7. You are working for Coco Cola as marketing head. The company is planning to float a new drink which is white in colour. What lessons from the concept of elasticity can you draw while fixing the price for the new drink?

  8. I read an article from 2011 that PRC never made good on bonds it sold to Americans. The PRC forced another country to pay them for bonds they bought. They made good on paying the British because they needed trade deals with them kept in effect. They receive interest payments from US for investments.
    Question is, I cannot find an update on whether they paid, the then estimated 750 million, to Americans holding those bonds.
    Thank you
    Walt Knowles

  9. I have a ques…… then if we have a ques related to macroeconomics…ques. elaborate classical theory of employment ?.. then what should ans we give in exams….I mean what we write from types,essentials,determination of income and employment, and criticism.? plz give reply in 2 days

  10. My question is explain why the value of income elasticity of demand for a good can be positive, negative or zero while the value of its price elasticity of demand is likely to be negative for 8 marks


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