Income inequality by income decile

Income deciles show the average income for different income groups in society.

A decile splits the population (by households) into 10 equal parts.

Assuming there are 26 million households in the UK (2013/14)

  • The bottom decile is the 2.6 million households with lowest income.
  • The 2nd decile is the 2.6 million households in the next 10-20% of household income
  • The top decile is the 2.6 million households with the top 10% of household income


Source: ONS – average incomes, table 14, June 2015

To go from original income to final income

We add

  • Cash Benefits – income support, tax credits, pensions, housing benefits, unemployment benefits.
  • Benefits in kind – education, health care, bus travel,

We subtract

  • Direct taxes – income tax, national insurance
  • Indirect taxes – VAT, Excise duty.

For example, if we just take original income

  • Bottom decile = £3,737
  • Top decile £102,366

After taxes, benefits and benefits in kind:

  • Bottom decile = £ 12,050
  • Top decile = £ 73,682




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