Top 10 British Banks

In recent years, the British Banking system has become highly concentrated due to the wave of mergers following the credit crunch.

Top 5 British Owned banks

BankMarket value (£bn)

As of October 2013

Assets (£bn)

As of 31 March 2017

1. HSBC1261,936
2. Lloyds Banking Group
(Bank of Scotland/Halifax)
3. Barclays43.61,203
4. Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Natwest, Ulster Bank
5. Standard Chartered36.7526

Smaller Banks

  • Co-operative Bank owned by The Co-operative Group.
  • Sainsbury’s Bank: 50% owned by British supermarket company Sainsbury’s and 50% owned by Lloyds Banking Group.
  • Tesco Bank: owned by British supermarket company Tesco.
  • Post Office Money

Government Ownership of UK Banks

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Group 73% owned by government
  • Lloyds Banking group 43% owned by government

10 Largest UK Retail Banks

  1. HSBC
  2. Royal Bank of Scotland
  3. Lloyds TSB
  4. Halifax (owned by Lloyds)
  5. Bank of Scotland (owned by Lloyds)
  6. Barclays
  7. Santander (Spanish Owned) (was Abbey, also incorporated Bradford & Bingley)
  8. Co-operative
  9. Nationwide (classed as building society)
  10. Tesco bank

Top 40 UK banks

  1. Abbey National plc (part of the Santander Group) is the sixth biggest bank and one of the largest providers of mortgages and savings in the UK.
  2. ABC International Bank PLC
  3. Adam & Company (Private Bank)
  4. Airdrie Savings Bank Founded on 1 January 1835 as part of the general “thrift” movement prevalent at the time.
  5. Alliance & Leicester (part of the Santander Group)
  6. Arbuthnot Latham Founded in the City of London, 1833.
  7. Bank of England The central bank of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1694, nationalised on 1 March 1946,
  8. Bank of Scotland Commercial and clearing bank based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  9. Barclays Bank (major global bank)
  10. Bradford & Bingley headquarters in the West Yorkshire town of Bingley.
  11. Butterfield Private Bank (private banking established 1965)
  12. C.Hoare & Co Private bank founded in 1672,
  13. Carnegie Investment Bank AB independent Nordic investment bank.
  14. Cater Allen Private Bank – Private Bank was founded in 1815 now operates as a subsidiary of Abbey National plc (ENG).
  15. Clydesdale Bank PLC – established in 1838 in Glasgow
  16. Co-operative Bank plc commercial bank
  17. Coface
  18. Coutts & Co UK private banking arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland. (banker to the Queen)
  19. Deutsche Bank UK – global investment bank
  20. Duncan Lawrie Ltd – Grew out ofon British India Company
  21. Egg Banking plc – internet bank established in 1996
  22. Halifax – a brand name of Bank of Scotland, a subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking Group.
  23. Handelsbanken is a universal bank that supplies services within the entire banking area.
  24. HSBC Bank plc is one of the major clearing banks in the United Kingdom. Biggest bank by assets. et roles of personal finance and commercial …
  25. ICICI Bank UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of India’s largest private sector bank, ICICI Group
  26. ING Direct – world’s leading direct savings bank
  27. Julian Hodge Bank
  28. Kingdom Bank is a UK-based independent Christian bank
  29. Kleinwort Benson – investment bank
  30. Lloyds TSB
  31. Cheltenham & Gloucester (C&G) part of Lloyds Bank Group.
  32. National Westminster Bank Plc, – commercial bank part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc
  33. Northern Bank (Founded 1809 based in Belfast )
  34. Northern Rock plc British bank, under public ownership from 2008.
  35. Raphaels Bank – independent banking houses Founded in 1787 by Dutchman.
  36. Reliance Bank Limited – Established in 1890, when it was known as The Salvation Army Bank,
  37. Santander UK plc is a British bank – owned by the Spanish Santander Group.
  38. Standard Chartered Bank Formed in 1969 through a merger of two banks: The Standard Bank of British South Africa and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China.
  39. The Co-operative Bank
  40. The Royal Bank of Scotland
  41. Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank – specialise in banking to small business
  42. Yorkshire Bank

Source: List of banks in the UK

Some interesting facts about British banks.

  • They employ 0.5 million people
  • Banks and financial services contribute £70bn to the UK’s national output (6.8% of GDP)
  • Banks and financial services provide 25% of total corporation tax (£8bn) to the UK Gov
  • The main retail banks provide over 125m accounts, clear 7bn transactions a year and facilitate 2.3bn cash withdrawals per year from its network of over 30,000 free ATMs
  • Banks provide banking services to 95% of the UK’s population
  • The value of foreign exchange business passed through London every day is £560bn ($1 trillion)

Source: Top 10 British Bank facts at BBA

Banks Definition at economics dictionary


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