Who Owns the Bank of England?

Readers Question: Who Owns the Bank of England?

The Bank of England is owned by Her Majesty’s Government.

From Bank of England website

“As a public organisation, wholly-owned by Government, and with a significant public policy role, the Bank is accountable to Parliament”

Bank of England

The Bank of England was set up by, ironically, a Scotsman – William Paterson. It was initially a private bank in 1694 acting as lender to the Government.

The Bank was given a Royal Charter, and in 1844, the Bank Charter Act gave the Bank of England sole right to issue notes and coins.

The Bank of England was nationalised in 1946. (Nationalisation means government takes ownership)

In 1997, the Bank of England was given independence over Monetary Policy.

Bank of England Website

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– The Queen (source: history class), The Saudis, The public – so go help yourself …..

Update: For some reason, many people think the Bank of England is privately owned by the Rothschilds. (There is a similar conspiracy theory about the US Federal Reserve). I wrote to the Bank of England and asked for clarification. This was there reply.

The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom and was established as a corporate body by Royal Charter under the Bank of England Act 1694. The Bank was nationalised on 1 March 1946, and gained operational independence to set interest rates in 1997 (the Bank of England Act 1998 Part II sets out the responsibilities and objectives of the Bank in relation to monetary policy).

The Bank is a public sector institution, wholly-owned by the government, but accountable to Parliament. The entire capital of the Bank is, in fact, held by the Treasury solicitor on behalf of HM Treasury. Each year, the Bank is required to submit its Report and Accounts to Parliament, via the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  For more information you may be interested to see the Bank’s latest Report and Accounts, which can be found on our website at:


As to the supposed ‘Rothschild’ connection, I don’t know why people should think that the family own us. But a number of the Rothschilds have served on the Bank’s Court of Directors over the years.

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  1. It matters little if the Bank of England is private or not…. the fact is that the government persists with the lie that it needs to borrow from the BOE at interest, which then becomes the national debt that you and I must pay back via our labour and via other ‘legalised’ forms of theft. We need to wake up to who we are and share this information widely.

  2. The BoE lend money to the British goverment at intrest essentially creating a paradox of never being able to pay the original loan back.

    In fractional banking the BoE lend £1 with intrest and
    essentially other private banks then, are allowed to create another £9 with that original £1 (as I understand).

    Please correct me if I’m not understanding this properly. But surely that then has created 10x the amount of the original loan, hense creating enough to pay the original loan.

    Believe me when I say I’m not supporting the banking system, just tring to understand it. Can anyone clarify this.

  3. Thanks to everyone who has posted. When I can make sense of the madness, I will post it on my face book. I feel all those little bits of information that are left out there, People can get informed. It may be slow but if I have woken up, we can all wake up.

  4. Who do you think loans all those billions to 3rd world countries in South America and Africa who do they pay it back to! Start your own debt free country have your own laws polietly tell them to #*^!) After all you do have the right to self determination under artical 2 of the United Nations Decleration of Human Rights.

  5. Robert, that’s when they’ll manufacture a reason to invade your country and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children so that they can enforce ‘regime change’ and bring ‘democracy’ to your country and bring you under their New World Order where so that you don’t have any more silly thoughts of freedom, peace, justice and independent prosperity.

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