Daily Mail Economics

The definition of Daily Mail Economics. The deliberate use of economic data to create fear, worry or exaggerated concerns about the state of the economy and society.

Daily Mail economics is not limited to the Daily Mail, it may appear in any newspaper or blog, but the Daily Mail and Daily Express usually have quite a few good examples. I didn’t get round to reading the Sun or Mirror.

Favourite themes of Daily Mail economics

  • The partial use of data to suggest things are worse than they actually are.
  • The highlighting of worst case scenarios.
  • Only giving one side to the account
  • Moral indignation about levels of debt, both public and private.
  • Moral indignation about government spending, especially on ‘wasteful investment’ or welfare benefits.
  • Ignoring wider social costs and benefits, but concentrating on a particular aggrieved party.
  • Appealing to populist sentiments.
  • Ignoring economic theory.
  • Such articles invariable attract thoughtful, reasoned and balanced comments from well-informed commentators (sarcasm)

Examples of Daily Mail economics

Other ways of approaching the same topics:


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