UK unemployment-rate

UK Unemployment Stats and Graphs

A selection of graphs and statistics on UK unemployment (currently 5.5%). Also, looking at factors that explain UK unemployment and why unemployment has fallen in recent years. Raw data:  Labour market data | Source: ONS LF2Q Current UK Unemployment rate Unemployment rate of 5.5%, (July 2015) –  down from 6.2% July 2014 1.82 million unemployed people- 198,000 less than July 2015 Employment rates Employment:  31.09 million people in work – 22.74 million full-time. 8.36 million people working part-time Participation…

Importance of Bank Lending to UK Economy

Readers Question: What is the importance of bank lending to the UK economy? Bank lending plays an important role in influencing levels of consumer spending, investment and economic growth. When bank lending reduced at the start of the credit crunch in 2008 – this decline in bank lending was a significant factor in causing the 2008 recession. This graph shows that lending to UK households and business was growing rapidly during the period…

Impact of a Fall in Public Sector Investment

Impact of a Fall in Public Sector Investment

Source ONS | NTV A possible unit 4 A Level question this summer could be: Discuss the Impact of a fall in public sector investment on the UK economy? The graph shows a fall in public sector investment from 3.5% of GDP in 2008  to 1.5% in 2011. This means cuts of approximately £30bn a year. It means the government is spending less on capital investment projects such as new schools, new roads and other infrastructure investment. That is quite a significant fall….