Exchange Rate Predictions

Predicting exchange rates is not as easy as some experts may suggest. There are many factors at work in determining exchange rates – economic fundamentals are only part of the equation. To predict future exchange rate movements we need to look at a variety of factors. The most important include: Interest Rate Movements. Interest rates …

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OPEC and Oil Prices in 2008

Readers Question: What will happen if OPEC continued to increase oil prices? Firstly, the rise in the price of oil is not just due to the activities of OPEC. It is partly due to the rising demand from countries such as China. If OPEC continue to contribute to higher oil prices in 2008 it would …

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Indian Economy 2008

Indian Economy 2009 Behind China, India is the second fastest growing economy. According to a survey by Goldman Sachs, India will become the 3rd largest economy by 2035. This is measured in $US. If we use PPP (purchasing power parity) which takes into account local purchasing power, India already has the 3rd largest economy. However, …

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Could UK economy enter into a Recession? (2007)

In many ways the economy is in a good position. The main economic indicators suggest a strong and sustainable economy, which offer good prospects for 2008. Economic growth, at 2.6% is close to the long run trend rate. Unemployment, according to JSA measure, is under 1 million. At 3% of the labour force this is …

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Reasons for Chinese Economic Growth 2000-2007

Readers Question: What is the most important reason why there is an improvement in the economic growth in the chinese out of the following policies. is it Government policy, education, investment from overseas, cheap labour or natural resources. 1. Cheap Labour China has a large unskilled workforce willing to work for low wages. In the …

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The Role of Aggregate Demand in Reducing unemployment


Evaluate the importance of managing aggregate demand (AD) to bring about a sustained reduction in the rate of unemployment in the UK economy. In 1992 Unemployment in the UK rose to 3 million. A significant part of this unemployment this was due to the recession of 1992. In a recession, demand deficient unemployment will increase. …

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Chinese Yuan Dollar Forecast 2008

  See also: Chinese Economy 2008  For many years the Chinese Yuan was tied to the dollar, however in July 2005 the yuan was finally allowed to break away from the dollar. However, unlike most other currencies, the Chinese government still try to influence the level of the Yuan. They have tried to keep the …

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Economics for Business Students

Reader’s Question: What are the importance of economics to a business student? There is a strong overlap between business and economics. A Business student needs to take into account these various aspects of  Economics. At various times I have taught Business Studies in addition to Economics. Several topics are the same. These are the key …

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