Wages of Paper Boys

Readers Question: i am 13 and do not yet have a job and i am wondering how much average i will be payed an hour for a paperround

(from: Minimum wages for 16-18 years old)

Unfortunately, there is no minimum wage legislation so it will all depend on market forces.

When I was a lad, I used to do a paper round. I got £7 for a 6 day week. The round took about 30 minutes. That was roughly £7 for  3 hours. Or £2 an hour. I hope you get a better rate.

I wonder how difficult newsagents find it to recruit paper boys? Are youngsters still willing to work for £2 an hour. If a newsagent has difficulty recruiting paperboys, perhaps you could suggest he pays you more, or at least a bonus after sticking for more than 4 weeks.

Be wary of working for an agent who takes a large cut of the price of delivering papers and subcontracts it to others (paperboys / girls exploited?)

Unfortunately, a paper boy lost a claim to get holiday pay – article

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  1. I’m a paper girl and I get £5.50 a week, 7 days a week, 2 rounds a day. Am I the only one that thinks this is a joke?

  2. i’ve just started a route and i’m getting 18 pound a week for a small route i think its very good money, hope you get the same

  3. I get £30 a week for doing mon – sat and i deliver 21 papers. It takes me 40 mins. P.S do not settle for a low pay, my friend does 350 papers a week and he only gets £5.50 a wek

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