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Readers Question: I’m a paper girl and I get £5.50 a week, 7 days a week, 2 rounds a day. Am I the only one that thinks this is a joke?

From: Wages of Paper Boys

It sounds a very bad deal.

Paper rounds are not covered by statutory minimum wage laws, so wages are determined by supply and demand. However, if you are getting less than £2 an hour then this is really poor, and I wouldn’t think it worth doing.

The minimum wage for 16 and 17-year-olds is £4.05 min wage 16-18

Maybe you could tell your employer you’ve joined a trade union for paper boys/girls and then demand a minimum wage of £2.00 an hour. If you do 7 hours a week, you should be getting £14 a week.

Also, it might be worth thinking of alternative jobs. Hand washing cars could be quite lucrative. Some people are willing to pay £6 to have their car hand washed and polished. You could offer to do it for £4. Then all you need to do is wash 2 cars a week and you will get more than a 7 time a week paper round.

What is a good wage for a paper round?

For a schoolchild under 16 years of age. A decent paper round would be something earning an hourly rate of £3.00. If your round takes 45mins a day – 6 days a week – 4.5 hours a week. Look to get at least £13.50.

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  1. My name is chance and I’m 12 years old my sister did this job when she was my age I would love to get this job because my friend is also getting it we would love the money and we have lots of spare time thank you

      • Hello
        I am a newsagent in Harrow
        Going rate for 25 houses delivered 7 days a week takes around 40 mins a day
        Pay is £30 to £35 per week although some adults use cars and do more than one round!!
        Do where you live probably dictates how much you get

      • I work Wednesday and Thursday. 2 hours on Wednesday 2 on Thursdays. I deliver 113 papers on Wednesday and 131 on Thursday. The pay is 4p per paper. Therefore I make £10 a week roughly. Not great considering I’m 16 and the minimum is £4 roughly. Meaning I should get £16 a week!!

  2. My daughter is 14, her round is 21 papers mon to friday and takes about 45 mins as they are quite spread out. She gets 17.00 a week and I am starting to think reading peoples comments that that is very generous.

    • Remember most of these comments were many years ago where the money there getting would probably nowadays be the same as what your daughter is getting good luck

  3. I’m 14, I have been doing it for a year. I now get £30, I do it 7 days a week. Now I’m seeing this is a lot compared to some people here.

  4. Hi I am 13 and I deliver 21 papers a day and get 3 pounds for one weekday and 4 pounds for weekend. For 7 days a week I get 23 pound and monthly I get 92 pound as at mine they pay you monthly.

  5. Hey I work though mcolls at Martin’s doing paper rounds have been since i was 13, we get £3 a round per day £21 a week I’ve been told by my manager that this is the mcolls price I am now 16 and in need of more money 😅 anyways if anyone is getting paid under £3 I suggest you march into that office and demand to know why or you’ll sue them for child labor cause that’s what it is .

    You have to be at least 13 to do paperounds sorry mate I hope by the time you’re reading this you’re 13 but normally theses a waiting list, well when I say that I mean ‘waiting list’

  6. I am turning 13 in a month and want to start working. I am wondering if 31p per paper is a good wage, as well as, How long does it take you to deliver 15 papers?


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