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You are welcome to ask any questions on Economics. Though you might also like to try google custom search (top right) to see if the topic has been covered before.

I am looking to explain economic principles / ideas/ recent developments in economics. I can’t promise to answer, but will try if it meets the criteria below.

  • Please don’t ask me to do your coursework / assignment e.t.c. (I can usually tell if it is a homework question!)
  • Please don’t ask any maths calculations.
  • The question and answer will be published here where everyone can see it (including your teacher!)
  • I aim to try and simplify economics; as a rough guide I would aim at an understanding similar to a good British A Level student.
  • I am looking to explain economic principles / ideas/ recent developments in economics.
  •  I will answer as a new post, if you leave email address, I’ll usually send quick email. Check home page of blog for new post. With question and answers

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  1. The term defined by representing the cost of the shopping basket of goods and services of a typical South African households.

  2. The precedent of selling an entire country/state has been set, eg Alaska sale to the US in 1867. How would a price be derived for such a sale ? Net worth of the Country/State as starting point plus good-will factor ?
    Elon Musk now has personal net worth greater than the country of Luxembourg (or indeed the combined 13 nation states that make up the Caribbean) . Is it feasible an individual could purchase a Country (or region of them) ?

  3. Human development and economic growth and are two paradigms that imply different objective,measurements techniques and policies.discuss


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