New book – What Would Keynes do?

what-would-keynes-do What Would Keynes do?

This is a book which examines how famous economists might answer 40 different everyday questions about life

What Would Keynes Do? will help you get to grips with economic theories in an original and thought-provoking way.


The book was a lot of fun to write as it involved examining a wide range of economic perspectives on unusual economic problems.

Some of the topics are standard economic fare – should we raise taxes? Should we worry about government borrowing? But, also it was an opportunity to consider economic issues from outside the box. Should we park illegally? And should we worry about switching off the light?

It gives a brief overview of the main economic models, systems and schools of thought.  Including free-marketeers, behavioural economists, Keynesians, Marxists and heterodox economists.


Includes such puzzling conundrums as:

  • Should I park in an illegal parking space and risk a fine?
  • Should I go to University or start working straight away?
  • Can economics help us to lose weight?
  • If I enjoy drinking beer, how much should I drink?
  • Is it OK to be selfish?
  • Should I bother to recycle?
  • Should I vote for a political party which promises to raise taxes?

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  1. Tejvan Outside of Amazon.. I am in US How can I buy a copy of your book please?

    Electronic or physical.

    I do not think our library here has it. Im happy to buy it.



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