Richest People in World 2012

We may be in a longer recession than the 1930s Great Depression (see: link) but it hasn’t prevented the richest people in Britain increase their net wealth. The richest 1000 men and women have a combined wealth of £414bn, up 4.7% on the previous year.


Richest People in the World 2012

1. The Walton Family (US)Retail (Walmart)£51bn
2. Carlos Slim (Mexico)Telecoms£44bn
3. Bill Gates (US)Microsoft£39bn
4. Charles and David Kock (US)Oil£32bn
5. Warren Buffet (US)Investment£28bn
5. K Berthold and Theo Albrecht (GermanySupermarkets (Aldi)£28bn
7. Forrest and John Mars (US)Confectionary (Mars)£26bn
7. Bernard Arnault (France)Luxury Goods£26bn
9. Ingvar Kamprad (Sweden)Ikea (retail)£25bn
10. Amancio Ortega (Spain)Zara (fashion)£24bn

The richest 20 people have a wealth of £288.5bn – more than triple the wealth of 2003, when the richest 20 people’s combined wealth was £102bn. The credit crunch temporarily reduced wealth. In 2008, it was £280bn, falling to £167bn in 2009. But now their wealth has climbed above the 2008 peak.

Richest People in Britain

1. Lakshmi Mittal and familySteel£12.7bn
2. Alisher UsmanovMining and investment£12.32bn
3. Roman AbramovichOil and industry£9.5bn
4, Sri And Gopi HindujaIndustry and finance£8.6 bn
5. Leonard BlavatnikIndustry (Russian oil)£7.58 bn
6. Ernesto and Kirsty BertarelliPharmaceuticals£7.48bn
7. The Duke of WestminsterProperty£7.3 bn
8. David and Simon ReubenProperty and investment£7.08bn
9. John Fredriksen and FamilyShipping and oil services£6.6 bn
10. Galen and George Weston and FamilyRetailing£5.9

Selected Others

16. Richard Brandson – (Virgin, Northern Rock, £3.4bn)

23. Bernie Eccleston (motor racing) £2.5bn

54. Mohamed al-Fayed – £1.3bn

73. Nat Rothschild – £1.0bn

92. Lord Sugar – £800m

148. J.K.Rowling – £560m

262 The Queen – £310m

395. David and Victoria Beckham – £190m


Of the Sunday Times 1000 rich list the biggest are

  • 192 property
  • 185 finance
  • 129 industry
  • 84 film, media and sport
  • 73 in retailing
  • (3 lottery winners!)

Sources: The Sunday Times rich list. Forbes Rich list. Richest people 2010

2 thoughts on “Richest People in World 2012”

  1. That there are almost three times as many uber-rich in Britain listed as bankers and property speculators than as industrial leaders, is indicative of one of the fundamental problems with the British economy: For far too long the focus has been on gathering wealth through speculation rather than through the advancement of industry.

    I wonder how many of the 129 rich “Brits” listed under “industry” are actually foreign non-doms like Mittal, Usmanov, Abramovich, Hindujas & Blavatnik (all of the top 5) living off the proceeds of their non-British industries?


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