Tips on Writing a UCAS Personal Statement

Many students agonise over writing a UCAS personal statement. As a general rule, I suggest keeping it relatively simple – be honest, and give the impression you would be a suitable student for the course. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a huge list of extra curricular activities. At the same time, you don’t want …

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Does the UK Need More Supermarkets?

The Future? Tesco’s is the UK’s leading supermarket, with an estimated market share of 31.5% Yesterday, the competition commission suggested that the Supermarket’s dominance was not due to unfair trading practices. After a long investigation of the  British supermarket industry, the Competition Commission have concluded: Supermarkets are not competing unfairly The dominance of big supermarkets …

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Guide To Mortgages

In the UK, there is a strong desire for people to own their own house. This deep seated desire is one of the factors behind the extraordinary rise in UK house prices. However, the cost of houses means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get on the property ladder. To be able …

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Ask Economics Question

You are welcome to ask questions on Economics. I will post the answer on this blog, for everyone to benefit from. I shall try to answer the economics question and / or point to other resources but please bear in mind. The replies will be guidance and not for duplication. Your essays should always be …

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Does China Pose a Threat to the World Economy?

China recently became the second largest economy in the world. According to the IMF, in 2010, the Chinese economy was $5,878,257 million – second only to the US economy. If we use GDP at purchasing power parity, the size of the Chinese economy is estimated to be even larger, at around $10,119,896 million. However, it …

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