EU economic growth stats 2013

Latest economic stats for economic growth in the European Union

  • Real GDP growth in 2012  -0.6%
  • Growth in Q1 2013 -0.2%

Latest at Eurostat


Euro 17 GDP

UK vs Euro GDP


Source: ONS – ECB

Economic growth within different EU countriesgrowth-in-europe-july2013

Note figures for 2013 and 2013 are forecasts (in my opinion OECD are being optimistic about growth prospect of countries like Spain and Italy)

Annual real GDP growth stats OECD

Quarterly growth rates over past 12 months OECD

GDP volume index


GDP volume index – OECD

Annual real GDP growth rate – Eurostat


EU GDP at Chained link volumes (prices for previous year)

Annual % change






latest GDP stats at ECB

GDP at Chain link volumes


EU GDP at Chain linked volumes

EU Domestic Demand


Value: Millions of Euro

Domestic demand base year = 2005

The post is mainly for my benefit. It’s often interesting to compare GDP amongst European countries.

In particular, it would be interesting to see GDP for the struggling Eurozone economies (PIIGS). There is a sharp divergence within the Eurozone itself.

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