Is the Real Inflation Rate Actually Higher?


In the past few months, inflation in the UK has halved from 10 to 4.7%. In the US it has fallen to 3% but ask an average shopper and they may express scepticism, the cost of living seems to be rising much faster. In 2021 Jordan Peterson tweeted that he believes inflation was 15% rather …

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Recession or Inflation – Which is the biggest threat to UK economy?

Earlier in the year the UK had record-breaking inflation with both headline and core inflation remaining well above the government’s target and being worse than forecast. As bad news on inflation kept coming the Bank of England increased interest rates 14 times. Finally, in a narrow vote, the Bank paused to halt rate rises. Is …

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Turkey’s Economic Crisis and High Inflation

As elections loom, the Turkish economy is facing a self-inflicted economic crisis of high inflation, and a cost of living crisis that dwarfs what we see elsewhere in Europe. Turkey's Self-Inflicted Economic CrisisWatch this video on YouTube In recent years, Turkey has seen inflation rate surge to over 80% – leaving over 53% of people …

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Inflation set to fall in 2023


After inflation has reached the highest levels for decades it is set to fall dramatically over the next few months. I’ll explain why this is, why we will not notice much difference and look at whether economists may be proved wrong yet again on inflation. Recently UK government has announced it plans to cut inflation …

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How Brexit contributed to Inflation and Lower Investment


Nearly two years after leaving The Single Market, the UK economy is facing a host of problems including high inflation, low investment and falling growth. All problems exacerbated by Brexit. Last month, food inflation rose to 15%, the highest level for decades. This is primarily due to rising energy prices, But, experts at LSE state …

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Core inflation definition

Core Inflation. This is a measure of inflation which excludes certain volatile and seasonal prices. It will be based on the Consumer price index but exclude prices such as Petrol (subject to oil price variations) Food (subject to seasonal variations) Core inflation will also exclude the impact of government excise duties. Core inflation is seen …

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